Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charter school?
Charter schools are innovative public schools that provide students with unique and rigorous educational programs. Charter Schools are independent, therefore have more flexibility than traditional public schools, yet are still held accountable for student progress as well as the commitments made in its charter. For more information, please visit the California Charter School Associations “What are Charter Schools.”

Do I have to pay to enroll my child in New Century Charter Public Schools?
New Century Charter Public Schools provide students with a public education that is free of charge. We receive funding from the State just like traditional public schools.

How are charter schools held academically accountable?

Charter Schools are held to higher standards than traditional schools. Not only must charter schools meet the same State and Federal standards as its district counterparts, it must also meet the promises it made in its petition, which acts like a contract. Charter schools are also held accountable by parents. If the school does not hold up to the agreed upon standards, its charter will not be renewed.

Are teachers credentialed?
By law, our teachers must hold a proper credential prior to being hired, just like at a public school.

Who can attend Charter Schools?

New Century Charter Public Schools are a school of choice, meaning any student can attend. However, the majority of students who enroll live within the geographic boundaries of the school, therefore reflecting the local community the school serves.

If there are more students who want to attend than there are seats available, New Century Charter Public Schools will randomly select students through a public lottery.

Do you participate in the Free & Reduced Lunch program?

New Century Charter Public Schools participates in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) which offers students who qualify either free or reduced lunch prices.

Do you have an after-school program?
New Century Charter Public Schools offers its students an afterschool program that provides them with a safe place to go once the school day ends. The program offers an opportunity for continued educational enrichment as well as clubs based on student interest.

Does New Century Charter Public Schools make any profit from running the school?
No, New Century Charter Public Schools is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization. All revenues received from the state are invested in the educational programs.

Does New Century Charter Public Schools work with students with Special Needs? GATE? Etc?
New Century Charter Public Schools serves all students. We are required by to enroll and serve students with disabilities in the same manner as traditional public schools in order to stay in  compliance with all applicable state and federal laws. Students are flexibly grouped and provided targeted instruction, without labeling them in any certain way. Our students come with different academic levels and our Academic Support period allows teachers to differentiate and support students in order to meet their academic needs. Our academic approach addresses far more than our subgroups but all students and categorize everyone as academic learners. Please see Why STEAM for more information about our program.

Will my child have to take State tests?

As a publicly funded school (traditional district and charter schools), our students participate in State testing and are held to the same academic standards as students in all public schools in California.

How can I be involved as a parent in the charter school?

We pride ourselves in the relationship and dialogue we have with parents and understand that parental involvement is critical for student success. From leadership opportunities, such as School Site Council, to volunteering, there are a multitude of ways that parents can become more involved.

Though we encourage parental involvement, we do not require parents to volunteer at our schools by law.

Will my child wear a uniform?
While students are encouraged to wear uniforms, it is not mandatory that they do so. Studies have shown that wearing uniforms promotes safety on campus, reduces the chances of peer pressure, decreases distractions and enables students to focus on academics. New Century Charter Public Schools also believes uniforms promotes pride in their work and community.

Are charter schools successful?
More and more parents are choosing charter schools for their child’s education. The increasing popularity of charter schools stems from the success charter schools have had in providing alternative educational programs to students, while still outperforming the district schools where they are located. Furthermore, charter schools have historically had more success in serving students in disadvantaged socioeconomic areas, English Learners and special needs students than District schools due to innovative approaches that engage students and naturally build on their curiosity.