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About New Century Charter Public Schools

New Century Charter Public Schools, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation that qualifies for and is applying for tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and is seeking to establish an exemplary public charter school in the Anaheim Elementary School District (the “District”). Our vision is to create a TK-6th grade STEAM school focused on supporting all learners in achieving academic excellence.

Who does New Century Charter Public Schools Serve?

New Century Charter Public Schools will open a public charter school located in Anaheim Elementary School District that is open to all students at no cost. We follow California state approved curriculum, guidelines, and mandates. We value the diversity of our community and strive to ensure our student body will represent the demographics of the general population in the District’s boundaries. New Century Charter Public Schools serves families from a variety of ethnic, linguistic, and economic backgrounds as we strive to achieve academic excellence that reaches beyond minimum requirements.